Alloys Steel – P20+NI / 1.2738

Alloys Steel – P20+NI / 1.2738 | Din 1.2738 | X40CrMnNiMo8-6-4 | AISI P20+Ni 

P20+Ni / 1.2738  Plastic Mould Steel

Chrome-manganese-nickel-molybdenum steel for hardening in air or in oil with good hardenability and good firmness during the heat. It is well-workable during the heat and well-workable in the soft-annealed state and it has good polishability. The steel has a high ability of the heat treatment into big depths (better than DIN 1.2311) with the balanced process of firmness around the whole cross-section. It is appropriate for nitriding and hard-chroming.

DIN 2738 is upgrade version of plastic mold steel 0f 2311, which normally supply in Pre hardened condition. Hardness in as supplied condition 280-320 HB. The additional nickel content of 1 % increases through hardening. It is micro-alloyed. It has good machinability, suitable for texturing, outstanding polishability, adequate corrosion resistance. vacuum-degassed steel with the following excellent features.

Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of P20 tool steels is outlined in the following table..

Element Content (%)
C 0.35-0.45
Mn 1.30-1.60
Si 0.20-0.40
Cr 1.80-2.10
Mo 0.15-0.25
Ni 0.90-1.20
P ≤0.030
S ≤0.030

Soft annealing




710 – 740


max. 235 HB




                   850 – 1050            furnace





        840 – 870

    oil or air

      see tempering diagram


For Injection moulds for thermoplastics, extrusion dies for thermoplastics, plastic piping & plumbing injection molds. Blow molds, forming tools, press – brake dies (possibly flame hardened or nitrided ). Aluminium die casting prototype dies, structural components, shafts. Pet preform mold, Standard Mould Base, Compression Mould for SMC, Cavitations Molds.

P20 + NI applicable for large & small plastic mould dies for Automotive Industries, Dies for Domestic goods , High finishing plastic Die, Boaster Plates of Presses, Die Holders & Shoe blocks for drop Hammers, Press Cassettes , Upsetter Blocker, forging dies, Different dies & mold for plastic products etc.

Heat Treatment

Soft annealing °C Cooling Hardness HB
710 – 740 Furnace max. 235


  • Din 1.2738
  • X40CrMnNiMo8-6-4
  • AISI P20+Ni


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