Product : Wires

  • Stainless Steel Wires:
  • Ferritic: 201, 202, 204Cu, 430(L) etc
  • Austenetic: 302, 302 HQ, 304 HC, 304 (L), 316 (L) etc
  • Martensitic: 410, 420A, 420B, 420C, 440C etc
  • Duplex: 2209 2304, 2205, 2507
  • Welding Grades: 304L, 308L, 309L, 310, 312, 316L, 347, 904L, 2209
  • Nickel Alloy Wires: 80/20, 99.9%Ni, Kanthal etc
  • Chromium Alloy Wires
  • Stellite ® and other alloys

Size Range: The widest size range from 0.10 – 24 mm diameter in coils and straight lengths from 0.80 mm – 10 mm.  We also offer profile wires which include flat wire and shaped wires.

Application: Wires for over 50 different products ranging from household articles to aerospace.

Finish: Coated, Cleaned, Dull, Matt, Bright, Super Bright (Mirror)

Hardness: Extra Soft, Soft Annealed, ¼ Hard, ½ hard, ¾ hard, Full Hard, Spring Hard.

Special Requirements: With such a vast experience and expertise, we can cater to all your special technical needs.

Jobwork : We undertake jobwork for your wires. Any grade & Any Size!

R&D Department

We have our own Research and Development department where we strive for further impreovements.

We also have our own physical and chemical testing facilities. All our production is thoroughly tested as per specifications of the order and are only dispatched subject to our independent quality control approval.