Quality : Conflict Minerals Statement

To whom it may concern, FountainHead Alloys is a steel stockholder and processor specialising in high-strength, highperformance alloys. Some of the alloys we stock contain tin (Phosphor Bronze) or tungsten (Stellite, L605). None of the materials, to the best of our knowledge, were sourced from the DRC or any of the countries listed in the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act 2010. FountainHead Alloys will only source responsibly and will not purchase material that has originated or is suspected to have originated in the DRC or surrounding territories. We are in a process of requesting statements of compliance from our suppliers which will be held on file and subject to periodic review. To date, none of our suppliers has indicated that any of their raw materials have been sourced from locations liked to conflict minerals. It should be noted, however, that the manufacture of our stock predates the introduction of Dodd-Frank Act and assurances given regarding current material origins cannot be assumed to apply to this older material.

For FountainHead Alloys

BY: Anil Gupta

TITLE: Quality Manager

DATE: 1/4/1996