Material : Copper


Form Size Range
3/16″ – 6″ diameter

Sheet/Plate, Square, Flat and Tube also available

Columbia Metals supplies a number of grades and tempers of copper with varying levels of oxygen content. For the free-machining grades, the copper content is usually above 99% and for the purer grades the content rises to 99.90 to >99.99%. Copper offers excellent electrical and thermal conductivity (second only to silver) which improves as the purity of the copper increases.

The primary manufactured grades of copper are electrolytic tough pitch (ETP; C101), phosphorus deoxidised (C106) and oxygen-free copper (OF; C103 and OFE; C110). Arsenical copper (C107) and tellurium copper (C109) also feature in Columbia Metals’ product range. Copper is used for a variety of applications from electrical parts to electronics and plumbing fittings to the construction industry, with each grade offering its own specific advantages.

Related Specifications Mechanical Properties
Alloy Name BS UNS BS EN Others Ultimate Tensile Strength N/mm² Minimum Yield Strength N/mm² Elongation % Hardness HB
C1­01 C1­01 C1­10­00 CW­00­4A NF A5­1-11­8-1
C1­03 C1­03 C1­02­00 CW­00­8A NF A5­1-11­8-1
C1­06 C1­06 C1­22­00­; C1­22­10­; C1­23­00 CW­02­4A BS­28­70­; BS­28­71­; BS­28­74
C1­07 C1­07 C1­42­00 BS­28­74
C1­09 C1­09 C1­45­00 CW­11­8C 2.­15­45
C1­10 C1­10 C1­01­00 CW­00­9A BS­14­33­, BS­38­39

Copper Alloys

Form Size Range
1/8″ – 9″ diameter
13mm – 70mm A/F
10g – 21g
22mm – 3″ square

Columbia Metals stocks copper nickel alloys – generally known as cupronickels – and high copper alloys, which are those that usually contain more than 95% copper with only a small addition of elements such as nickel, silicon, chromium and beryllium.

Cupronickels are widely recognised for their excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and corrosion fatigue. The addition of nickel to copper improves the material’s overall strength, durability and also its resistance to corrosion, erosion and cavitation in all types of water. The most common cupronickel alloys are those containing either 10 or 30% nickel, but other alloying additions such as manganese and iron are made to improve both strength and corrosion resistance.

Columbia Metals stocks two other special grades of cupronickel, developed for applications where a combination of high strength and excellent corrosion resistance is required. These are Nibron Special®, one of our trademark products, and DEF STAN 02-835, both wrought high strength alloys offering the excellent corrosion resistance of cupronickel together with very high mechanical properties that even surpass those of high strength aluminium bronzes.

Our high copper alloys include silicon bronze, copper nickel silicon and beryllium copper. These alloy grades are among the most important and widely used copper alloys due to the impressive range of attributes that can be attained. Columbia Metals’ stock of copper nickel silicon features two other proprietary alloys, Colsibro® and Trojan, both offering high strength and wear resistance. Other alloys such as COLDUR-A® (a silicon bronze) have been developed to offer excellent hot and cold formability combined with corrosion resistance, strength and toughness.

Related Specifications Mechanical Properties
Alloy Name BS UNS BS EN Others Ultimate Tensile Strength N/mm² Minimum Yield Strength N/mm² Elongation % Hardness HB
Co­pp­er Ni­ck­el 90­/1­0 CN­10­2 C7­06­00­; C7­06­10 CW­35­2H 2.­08­72 28­0 10­5 27 70-12­0
Co­pp­er Ni­ck­el 70­/3­0 / NE­S 78­0 CN­10­7 C7­15­00­; C7­15­20 CW­35­4H NE­S7­80 31­0 27 80-12­0
DE­F ST­AN 02-83­5 C7­24­20 DG­S3­57 71­0-72­5 40­0-43­0 18-22
NI­BR­ON SP­EC­IA­L® DT­D9­00­/4­80­5 C7­24­00 2.­15­04 77­0-85­0 55­5-63­0 12 22­9-24­0
DT­D4­98 / BS­B2­5 DT­D4­98 C6­47­00 CW­11­1C BS­B2­5 58­0 43­0 18 15­9-20­7H­V
CO­LS­IB­RO­® DT­D4­98 C6­47­00­; C1­80­00 CW­11­1C 2.­08­55 55­0-64­0 43­0-59­0 10 15­5-18­0
TR­OJ­AN C7­02­50­; C7­02­52 CW­11­2C 2.­08­57 69­0-80­0 57­0-75­0 10 19­0-20­0
BE­CO­L-25 CB­10­1 C1­72­00 CW­10­1C AS­TM B1­96­; CD­A 17­20­0
CH­RO­MZ­IR­C-3 CC­10­1 C1­82­00 CW­10­5C BS 45­77 A/­2/­1 45­0 40­0 20 14­0H­V
CH­RO­MZ­IR­C-32­8 CC­10­2 C1­81­50 CW­10­6C BS­45­77 A/­2/­2; IS­O5­18­2 45­0 40­0 20 14­0H­V
CO­LD­UR-A® CS­10­1 C6­55­00­; C6­56­00 CW­11­6C AS­TM B9­8; AS­TM B2­49 48­5 26­0 20
CO­LD­UR-B C6­51­00 CW­11­5C AS­TM B9­8 48­5 26­0 20